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Free dashboard to control and record data from IoT.

Compatible with Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, NodeMCU, WeMOS, Nano32 and more.

Web version : v3.0

APIs version : Stable v1.1

IoTtweet Library - Stable version : v0.2.0 , available on  Github

Android | iOS version : (Now coding)

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Simple API for Internet of Things devices

to record data and tweet messages that are displayed on the dashboard.

What is ?

Make your IoT devices
using a WiFi module
{See tutorials}

Connect your IoT devices
and send data

See your data on the dashboard
Easy to understand charts display by

Export your data file
to .json format
to use in your project

Easy connection with IoT devices

Dashboard to monitor data from your IoT device. Just to use ESP8266Wifi.h
to connect to as TCP/IP and send HTTP GET method
followed by sensor data.
Moreover, you can tweet a text message that will be displayed on the dashboard.

Download and install ESP8266WiFi.h as a sketch library for Arduino.

All of your data on dashboard

Your data appears on the chart and your tweet message appears on the top line of the dashboard.

Manage your IoT devices via "My IoT garage"

Add your new IoT device quickly with one click.
Keys are automatically generated allowing you to encrypt your data.

Export data as desired

Logs can be saved in JSON or CSV formats.

JSON live streaming for developers

Get live streaming of the latest 30 samples of data in JSON format.
Developers can use it in their own applications or it can be embedded in the website.

See your data on mobile devices

We are developing a sample IoTtweet application

(Coming soon.)


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Contribute to as a developer

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What is Internet of Things

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